What is Zimpler instant casino: Zimpler Pikakasino?

Zimpler express casino is a fast and easy-to-use game format, where the party makes funds transfers and uniqueness identification directly using online banking certificates, without the added fuss of sending passport pictures or invoices.

Exactly as e.g. Brite, Trustly and Euteller instant casinos, the performer plays with bank credentials, quite without registration or other actions.

You will never also require to send documents to the casino to withdraw winnings, as is usually the case with traditional casinos. This is why many performers prefer Zimpler Go casino.

Broad knowledge about Zimpler Pikakasino

Zimpler is a Swedish company that has been offering cost ways to online casinos for several years. Yet, payment methods were based on billable banknotes transfers or mobile charges. It’s great that Zimpler chose to start showing the Pay n Play cost method to casinos from 2020.

At the same time, the offering of invoicing and card payments to casino clients was stopped.

The company after this payment way was founded back in 2012, so it is not quick service. We can ensure safe and quick payments all over Europe to everyone who recreates at Zimpler casino.

Zimpler Go casino – beginning to play, funds transfers

Zimpler Go casino is a sure option for players who enjoy fast and easy betting. Regardless of whether you use a PC, Smartphone or tablet, we ensure that your gaming experience will be significant.

In this area, we understand how to begin playing at Zimpler Go casino and how to make funds transfers. We will give you the information in words, images and video, which will help you comprehend how the game works in rehearsal.

Choose a dedicated casino through our website and connect “deposit”

First, you should select a trustworthy Zimpler fast casino through our site. When you have seen a casino that fits you and may be an interesting bonus, you can go to the casino utilising the “play now” button.

When you bring to the casino’s homepage, you should see a control where you can log in/deposit to the casino. Normally, these controls are conveniently located at the lid of the front page.

At this point, you will be asked the quantity you like to deposit to Zimpler express. Choose the amount and move to the next step.

In connection with the warranty, the participant has the opportunity to familiarize himself with the casino’s phrases of service, which you should read if you have any suspicions about the site’s trustworthiness.

Choose your online bank for Zimpler express casino deposit

In the next phase, you will be asked to choose the online bank through which you want to create a Zimpler quick casino guarantee and the casino will recognize your uniqueness.

All safe Finnish online banks take the use of Zimpler for making banknotes transfers, and you can operate more than one bank to play.

We would again like to remind you that you can earn money transfers to the casino and from there to your account on all machines, including smartphones and PCs.