What Do You Need to Know About Privnote?

Privnote is a free web service provider where a person writes messages for someone without fear of any information getting leaked or being spied on by someone. The messages only remain within the sender and receiver. This is one of few places on the internet where you can do something without fearing about your privacy.

The working process of Privnote is also very basic and simple. The website is designed in a very simple manner and anyone can understand how to do his work here. There is no question of making an account here. No password is required. A person has to just visit this place and write his message. A link gets generated automatically immediately after the person finishes writing his message.

The person can share the link on any platform he wants to but the most preferred place is considered to be the mail. Remember, be careful while you paste the link of the message to the sender. Make sure that you are sending the message to the right person. This is the only thing that you have to keep in mind.

What If I send the Link to the Message to the Wrong Person?

In that case, you have to paste the link on your web and view it before the receiver does. It is not a big problem, but you should always be extra cautious because it is totally on your hands. If you realize that you have sent the message to someone whom you do not want to see, then you have to do the things mentioned above and have to be quite fast.

When the receiver opens the link, he will get a notification that the message has already been opened once before and cannot be viewed again.

Is Privnote Legal?

Privnote is legal. The legality of a service or an app depends on the guidelines and the set of instructions provided by the government of a particular country. You will be able to get access to the official website of Privnote from the majority of the countries.

However, be aware of the fact, that many sites claim to be similar to that the official one of Privnote, but in reality, they steal the private information of the users and often get scammed.

Privnote never asks for money from anyone to provide their service. It is free and anyone can use it any number of times. It provides flawless service to the users and one which is provided by only a few service providers in today’s world of the internet. Even the renowned messaging apps that we use daily in our lives fail to provide this service and privacy that Privnote has given to its users for a few years now.

There is zero risk of your message getting leaked. If you are still concerned and worried about your privacy while using this web service, you can always visit the official site of Privnote to check their privacy policy.

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