Targeting One Social Media Platform Vs Targeting Multiple Platforms

Whenever you decide to start the social media marketing of your business, there are two options in front of you — either you can ask your social media marketing company Singapore to target anyone platform or target multiple platforms simultaneously. You have to decide now which of these ways you want to go ahead with in order to get the desired outcomes.

If you are not sure the right strategy here, then here is a simple approach to deal with this situation. Think of your target audience and which age group they fall into along with their professional status and demographics. If they are all CEOs and CFOs, then you should focus on a platform like LinkedIn whereas if they are students or young working professionals, then Facebook and Instagram should be on top of your list. For entrepreneurs and marketers, you can target Twitter marketing. If you have a mix of entrepreneurs, working professionals, students, etc. as your audience, then use multiple platforms, otherwise, target one platform in the best possible way.

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