Smoking Tricks You Can Try When You Vape

If you love your vaping device and enjoy blowing massive plumes of vape smoke, you may want to try practising some of the many tricks you can do with it. It is an excellent way to add a little fun to your vaping experience and enhance it even further. Below are some of the various vaping tricks you can try with a short description and a link to a video so you can see how you do them in real life. Practise these tricks and become a vaping master magician and show off your skills at your Christmas party.

The Tornado

You will need to ensure you use a quality vape juice from Vapoholic or other reputable suppliers with a higher VG ratio so that you can blow massive plumes of smoke. You will need a flat surface such as a table, which is perfect, take a deep drag on your vaping device and slowly blow the smoke out to the table surface, so it stays there. In a smooth motion, you want to bring your hand down in a chopping motion and then back up again quickly. You will create what looks like a mini-tornado, and you can click below to see a video of the trick.

The Tornado Trick – Video

Liquid Mist

Whether you attend a party or a nightclub, the liquid mist trick will turn some heads with people thinking you have some strange drink. You will need a wide-brimmed glass with a cold liquid inside to make this trick work. Drink the liquid until the glass is half empty and then take a long drag on your vaping device. Put the glass to your lips and slowly exhale the vape smoke and it will stay on top of the liquid and look like you are drinking a strange potion. You can click on the link below to see a video of how this trick is done and what it looks like in real life.

The Liquid Mist Trick – Video

Blowing Smoke Rings

Blowing smoke rings is something humans have done for as long as they have smoked, and it is a neat party trick if you can do it well. You will want to take a deep drag on your vaping device and hold the smoke in your lungs. You will then ensure your tongue is at the bottom of your mouth towards the back. Create an “O” shape with your mouths and then, using a pulsing motion from the throat, force the vape to come out in a smoke ring. It will take plenty of practise to master this trick, and you can see a video below of how it should look.

The Smoke Ring Trick – Video

These are a few tricks you can try that may impress your friends and family, but there are more when you look online. You will need the correct type of direct-to-lung vaping device for the best results, and preferably a vape juice with a PG/VG ratio of around 30/70.

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