Pdf To Word Online To Convert Documents For Free

Pdf is a permanent format that doesn’t allow editing. As you have to pay to get most of the editors, it is always better to convert pdf to word online through websites that are available for free.

 Options on The Website

Word has all the options that enable you to make hundreds of changes in your document. The font of writing, the size, bolding, links, adding pictures, images, and layout design are some of the world’s functions. Pdf files have. Pdf at the end while word files have .docx at the end. These free websites have a limitation on the data. It can convert in one go. If you exceed the limit, the website asks you to pay for it. In this case, you can restrict the single file into two parts by deleting some pages and converting them consecutively.

This divided part can be merged into a single document with the help of the word. To upload it on the website:

      Choose the file and click copy.

      Paste it on the slot that has an option on the right that says convert to word.

      After conversion, download it to your personal computer or save it to the drive.

There are different conversion options provided on the websites such as word to pdf, pdf to jpg, word to jpg, and vice versa, excel to pdf, pdf to excel, etc.

Follow Instructions

Depending on your necessity, you can choose any of these and repeat the same process mentioned above for conversion. No data loss for the pdf to word conversion as it occurs on the server of the website. The process itself barely takes 10 seconds. Besides, the websites are easy to navigate even if you are a first-timer. To access the site, the website’s instructions can guide you on how to use it. You can compress the pdf and reduce its size to fit your requirement. The extraction of specific pages from a pdf or removing the selected pages and organizing them is another function of the pdf to word online. Other operation includes rotating pages of the file, addition of page number, add watermark, etc. You can protect your pdf with a password.

Data Privacy

The slide shows are easy to view when you convert them into pdf. The same goes for spreadsheets made in excel. In the converter, you can add page numbers, change the topography and dimension. Sort the pages however you want it. Converters can get data from a corrupt PDF or extract it from a damaged one. No other intrusion or case of theft takes place here. Even if you have many files to convert, drag them, and drop them into space. The firewall available offline protect the files from outside interference. Once the process gets done, the files delete on their own. Select a website based on the features and new updates they follow. You can use digital signatures and add them to the file. From the option, you can adopt a different language too. Access the website through your mobile phone. The type of document can be for business, education, developers, and other purposes. The website works efficiently to improve the document. The privacy policy of the website prevents it from sharing it with anyone. Some browsers that the pdf to word online converter prefer include chrome, explorer+ 10, firefox, and safari