Open Car Transport Services – How It Benefits You to Move Your Car?

Are you planning to relocate to a different city or state? Are you wondering how to move your car to your destination? If so, then you want your most loved car either shipped or self-driven. However, self-driving would be risky and tiring. You will require the services of an open car transport company to do so. This service is an ideal and excellent option for all types of vehicles, but is not brand new.

What is open car transport?

It is also referred to as open-air transport or open carrier transport. In this type of transport, cars are transported in an open car trailer. Open carrier transportation uses large multi-level trailers that can carry up to 4-12 cars per shipment. All the loaded cars have different destinations along the same route. As the name implies, open carrier trailers have no protection from external elements like dust, rain, snow, and sunlight.

Ship a Car, Inc, has more than 30 years of expertise in providing open carrier vehicle transport service throughout the United States. With their office located in Florida, U.S.A., they are also available online to serve you. They provide services to safely relocate from a car of an individual to the heavy machinery of a commercial giant. You can expect a reliable and cheaper service from them.

The open carrier has no walls or roof but uses special arrangements to safely hold your car to the ramps.

The cost of shipping mainly depends on traveling distance, delivery location, and season.

What are the benefits of using open car transport services?

Open carrier transport is the cost-effective and affordable way to transport your car to any location. Apart from this, here are a few advantages of open carrier transport –

  1. Easy route availability – When there are lots of cars shipped together in the same direction, it is easy, economical, and profitable for the shipper to plan the consignment. For this reason, you can always get an available space to book your consignment for open carrier transportation.
  2. Cheaper – Since a single shipment carries more than one car, net costing for the shipment is shared among all consignments. Hence, you will have to pay a low price to ship your car.
  3. Ship multiple cars at once – When you have more than one car to ship to your relocation destination, this is the efficient, safest, and cost-efficient way to transport all your cars at once.
  4. Insurance coverage – Each shipper provides its transit insurance irrespective of your existing insurance policy. You do not have to worry about any damages during the transit period.
  5. Saves your time – Instead of self-driving your car continuously for hours or days, you can spend quality time with friends and family by transporting your car through open carrier transport services. You can even save a lot of restaurant expenses that you would have been spending at each halt. Your family also remains safe.

6: Less wear and tear – By transporting your car, you avoid unnecessary miles and wear-and-tear of your car to maintain its better resale value.

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