Learn About DP Sea Time Reduction Course

DP sea time reduction course has combined theory and supervised practical experiments that expose the trainee to different DP operating modes. General concepts of dynamic positioning, features of a DP system, computers and control mechanisms, direction heading, and wind/environment comparison systems are among the topics discussed in the course

The trainee will learn the following from the course:

  • The trainee Dynamic Positioning Operator (DPO) will be given a Nautical Institute (NI) Dynamic Positioning Operator’s logbook after completing the Induction Course and online evaluation.
  • The trainee will report the courses attended, DP sea time, mission completion, and Statement of Suitability as a DPO in this logbook. This course covers the fundamentals of Dynamic Positioning (DP) and the concepts and applications of DP systems.
  • This course includes theory as well as instruction on a DP simulator. After passing the Induction Course and the Induction online test, the trainee DPO will be given an NI DP logbook in which the course, DP sea time, and Statement of Suitability will be recorded.

After the course, the trainee should be able to have a working knowledge of the DP rules and have a working knowledge of how to set up a DP scheme.