Ken Julian Provides Valuable Insights on Men’s Eyebrow Grooming Process

While most men do trim their beard or facial hair on a regular basis, a good number of them do not pay adequate attention to their brows. Considering this fact Ken Julian mentions that the eyebrows are one of the most important features of a face, and hence all men should be proactive about properly maintaining it to look their best at all times. Bushy and wild eyebrows do not flatter any man, and hence making brow trimming and tidying part of the grooming routine is important.  Well maintained eyebrows subsequently provide people with quite a handsome and youthful appearance.

A man firstly needs to get a good understanding of their desired brow style and shape, while trying to tidy and trim their eyebrows. Ken Julian mentions that keeping the shape as natural as possible usually works best for a man. They ideally should start with trimming and getting rid of any excess weight from the eyebrows to have a cleaner appearance at once.  Subsequent to doing so, they should try and clean the brows by slowly removing any outlying hair.

Trimming the brows must be a regular part of the grooming process. As a person ages, their eyebrows would gradually end up looking bushier. In this situation, creating a proper grooming routine to keep them in check shall be a good idea. Keeping the brows in shape, however, does not mean trimming them too much or altering their entire shape altogether. The focus should be on achieving brows that are clearly divided, have an even length, are mostly symmetrical, and look flattering and clean on the whole. This entire process takes time to master. But once a person gets hang of the perfect way to trim and maintain their brows, it will benefit them throughout life.

To trim their eyebrows, a man can either use an electric trimmer or just a simple scissors. When using a scissor, a pair that is straight and features short blades designed for hair should be used, like a mustache scissor. A person simply has to brush their brows with the help of a comb and then move on to trimming any hair that seems longer than the rest. Individuals with too bushy eyebrows can opt for trimmers, but have to be extremely cautious while using them.

Ken Julian underlines that similar to body hair, there are multiple grooming options present for the brows as well. The type of options one selects will largely depend on their lifestyle and personal preferences. They can either opt to pluck their eyebrows with simple tweezers or go for a threading and waxing process at a salon. A number of factors need to be considered to identify the perfect eyebrow grooming option for a person, including the time range they expect the results to last, the amount of money they are willing to spend, their tolerance for discomfort, and so on.