Important Reasons Why You Called In The Professionals To Carry Out Your Asbestos Removal

Heading home for the weekend you feel in excellent form. The weather is set fair, you have tickets for the footy with your friends and you are glowing with pride after sorting out a potentially dangerous problem at the factory that you own.

You knew that the premises were built many years ago, but it was only through a brief chat to a mate in the same complex did you appreciate that you might have a potential problem on your hands. Sure enough, a thorough search revealed that you had an unwanted mineral and it was time to call in the best company in asbestos removal Perth has to offer, for several important reasons.

  • You care about your employees, and you quickly found out that asbestos leads to the risk of several serious diseases, including asbestosis, mesothelioma, and lung cancer. That is the last thing you would wish to endanger people who are also friends as well as colleagues with.
  • You quickly discounted some stupid notion of carrying out the works yourself, with laws in place regarding asbestos removal. Only companies with a government license with the expertise and know the regulations, under the WA code of practice, with the supervision of a person conducting a business or undertaking can carry out the work.
  • Another reason you want rid of asbestos is that Australia banned its use in December 2003 which included import and export. You are proud that your business has a modern forward attitude, so you don’t want something associated with previous centuries causing a potential hazard.
  • You had total peace of mind when calling in a professional firm with over two decades of experience to carry out the task. They knew exactly what to do, and knew the regulations inside out, as they began by putting in detailed plans before any work could commence.
  • The highly skilled technicians all wore specialist safety equipment, prior to using the highest calibre vacuum machinery to remove asbestos from roofs, pipes, or boiler lagging. Some of it was mounted on mechanical hoists so that the the job was completed safely in the shortest possible time. Once the removal was complete, they carried out the procedure of how to safely dispose of the materials.

You have boosted morale throughout your factory by calling in the experts who offered you peace of mind when removing your asbestos legally and with a minimum of fuss.