How To Reduce Your Dependence On Google Search Engine?

There is nothing wrong with being dependent on Google for all your traffic, sales and revenues. In fact, there are thousands of businesses that have built million-dollar empires all with the help of Google. However, there is no guarantee that things will remain like this forever. It takes only one major update from Google’s side to wipe off any business from search results completely. It means that no organic traffic, no sales, and no revenue. In case you want to avoid a situation like this in the future, then invest in newsletter marketing in Singapore as soon as possible.

This practice allows you to stay in direct touch with those people who are interested in products or services offered by you. These people might have bought similar products/services in the past or intend to buy them in the future. But in any case, they want to hear more from you via your newsletter. So, hire a suitable person to run an aggressive newsletter marketing campaign and get as many subscribers as possible so that you don’t have to depend on Google for your product promotion in the future.

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