Defense of the Ancients (DotA) has always been so popular to all the gamers across the globe even before when it was still an expansion pack of The Frozen Throne. As the advancement of technology is continually growing, the improvement of the game has also been patched over time. Metagame is constantly changing hence the creation of Defense of the Ancient (DotA) 2.

Why is DotA 2 considered as one of the best online games?

DotA 2 is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game developed by Valve Corporation. Since it is online, players are given the chance to play with other people across the globe. That is why the popularity of this game has increased rapidly. Unlike any other MOBA game, DotA 2 has its unique gameplay which makes it more interesting and attracting to players. The game mechanics however are quite hard to understand at first try so you really need to familiarize and study how it works to enjoy the game. This difference anyhow is the reason why it is so popular among the gamers worldwide because it is more challenging compared to other games.

Not only that it allows people to enjoy but it also provides a huge profit to professional players and gaming companies. DotA 2 actually holds the highest prize pool in any online game today with its biggest international tournament which is The International (TI). Other than TI, there are also a lot of major and minor tournaments either local and international conducted to showcase player/team’s skills. That is why gamers nowadays would really wish to become a professional dota 2 player with firm determination of playing hard and boosting MMR to achieve a high rank in the local or global server.

Tips to boost your matchmaking rank

Because of the benefits you can get in having a high MMR, players would really do everything to get to the tier they want and here are some tips in order to achieve such:

  • Study or watch professional games. These games can be found online or in dota 2 itself. Watching professional gameplays allow you to attain learnings in which you can apply in your own matches. You will be able know which are the dos and don’ts in using specific heroes or items.
  • Beware of the new patch. To maintain its popularity, dota 2 has always been having updates from time to time to give players excitement and new experiences despite playing for a long time. These updates can sometimes be considered an inconvenience to players due to the massive adjusting needed. Thus, you really need to be wary of the nerfed and buffed items or heroes in order to easily win your matches.
  • Ask for help from professionals or high-ranked friends in boosting your matchmaking rating. There are a lot of players nowadays who would prefer to pay for a dota 2 booster to play on their behalf. This is because boosting of MMR is kind of stressful especially if your skills are not that lofty.
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