How a Bangtao beach resort had you playing happy families

You have just arrived back home ready for a sleep, which will include many happy dreams following your family holiday of a lifetime. You certainly got this one spot on.

The kids had never been abroad before, so you wanted to make it extra special and take them somewhere none of their friends had been. Your only issue is trying to get them to sleep as they keep chatting excitedly about the perfect kids resort in Bangtao where you spent an amazing 10 days.

Easy to get to

Although it took time, splitting your flights in the UAE meant that the youngsters were never bored with plenty to keep them entertained. Flying directly from there into Phuket meant that there was just a short taxi ride before you reached your dream destination.

A great room

You wanted somewhere clean, modern, attractive, and safe and you certainly ticked those boxes. The large flat screen TV and free Wi-Fi keeping your children occupied whenever you and their mum were busy. Best of all, you had your own private little pool right outside the sliding glass doors.

Amazing facilities

Only a few metres away was the main pool, beautifully designed which featured a fun play area for the kids to enjoy. There was also a games room with pool table, table tennis, and board games, so there wasn’t a chance of being bored.

The food and drink choices were excellent, and room service came in handy on the rare occasion you could get the little ones to sleep early.

Incredible location

The resort adjoined the golden sands of Bangtao beach, with the beautiful Andaman Sea washing onto the shore. It was the perfect place to relax for a few hours while energy was burned up. Ideally, there was a café and coffee shop on hand for you adults.

Fun for kids

You both needed some time to relax and the superb activities on offer for the kids allowed you to do just that. There was a pool slider, their own special room where they made friends with others from different countries, a playground and even a ball house where the sound of laughter filled the air in a resort that had a wonderful atmosphere throughout.


You could not have been happier with your stay as all the family have returned home having had an amazing time. Everything you wanted was available in a stunning beach resort.

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