Guide about common smoking accessories

There is such a wide variety of smoking accessories on the market that it can become quite confusing. The uses for some seem obvious, while others are completely obscure. From cigar cutters to lighters, you will find that there is something to suit everyone. But then, finding the right smoking accessories without expert advice can sometimes be a bit nerve-wracking. So just take a deep breath and relax – we’ll help you find the right smoking accessory to suit your needs.

To begin with, let’s look at the more common smoking accessories. Grinders are perhaps the most widely used accessories, with a choice of two main types. One type of grinder is the type that looks like a small metal hand grinder. These grinder-type grinders are typically made of stainless steel and have a handle on one side so that you can hold them whilst you grind. They will also usually come with paper discs to hold the ground ends of the cigarette.

The second type of smoking accessory is called “weed grinders”. These are not like your traditional “paper cutter” type grinder – they have a much shorter blade, and are designed to grind small amounts of cannabis in a short space of time. Most weed grinders are powered by batteries. One of the most popular brands of weed grinders on the market is the Grinder Pro from the Smoking gadget, which has been manufacturing grinders for many years. Another great brand is IQBox, which manufacture smoke pipes and grinders for all types of smoking devices, whether it’s electronic, pipes, or “dub” boxes. Their ranges include everything from vaporizers, to glass pipes.

Another type of accessory that some people don’t consider when it comes to smoking accessories is the bubbler or “bong”. A bubbler is a small cylinder made from plastic, or sometimes glass, which looks a lot like a common water bottle. These are most commonly used as smoking accessories for “loo chums”, but they can also be used for smoking small amounts of cannabis. Often known simply as “bongs”, they can come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, ranging from very small bubbles to giant bubbles.

Wraps are a very important part of smoking accessories because they give the user the option of smoking “bong” and “bubs”, without having to use anything else. These can either be purchased individually or can be found as a bundle of three or four different items. Commonly these items are a variety of pipes and lighters, along with some type of grinder, often a flat grinder that has an attachment to grind cannabis. Wraps can come in various forms and sizes, including some which come equipped with whistles or laces.

The final piece of any good smoking accessory list is what is known as a smoker. These are electronic cigarettes that work in a similar way to the real thing, but require no fires, and can simply be plugged into any wall socket. This is considered the most basic of all accessories but is often the first one that many people try out, and subsequently the one they stick with.

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