Five Types of CNC Routers- Which One Would You Go For?

When it comes to simplifying work, the CNC router should top the list in the technical field. CNC routers are primarily controlled by computers when performing all cutting, drilling, as well as milling functions. These machines have come a long way in simplifying work but cutting costs and saving time during any work. The introduction and integration of computers into these machines has greatly increased their accuracy and efficiency. More so, most CNC routers can perform several tasks by swapping tools. Another critical feature of the CNC routers is the well-designed software capable of transforming digital CAD files into instructions fed to the machine for output generation.

With that said, there are different types of CNC routers for sale across the globe. To get a clear picture of the comparison between them, especially on functionality, below are the types of CNC routers in the market.

The Five Types of CNC Routers

Cobra Elite Series

The Cobra Elite CNC router is a well-thought-out machine designed for precision and industrial performance. It features an automatic tool change system, vacuum pod systems, drills banks, extended gantry heights, vacuum tables, knives, and many more.

Panther Series

The Panther CNC router for sale is a unique production machine designed to handle small-scale businesses that aim to increase their production capabilities. It offers precision, power, and speed to manage full production work. It comes equipped with a heavy-duty steel frame, helical rack and pinion drive system, servo motors, and customizable systems. In its standard form, it comes with precise planetary gearboxes, advanced brushless servos, 25 MM bearings, and is rated at a cut speed of 1000 IPM.

Stinger Series

The Stinger CNC router comes in three different models: Stinger I, Stinger II, and Stinger III. The Stinger I is the largest benchtop router in the current market. The Stinger II is a sizeable machine ideal for small businesses trying to level up. Finally, the Stinger III is a large industrial-grade router that performs more tasks.

Signpro Series

The Signpro CNC router is one of the most innovative routers featuring a camera and knife combination. There are two types of Signpro: The Cobra Signpro and the Panther Signpro. The Cobra Signpro is a versatile high, power, and high production router, while the Panther Signpro is designed for people looking for a robust and affordable router.


The Desktop Series packs almost the same features as the Stinger I CNC router, but it is directed to mid-sized businesses looking for a small CNC router that can perform efficiently.

In summary, CNC routers for sale in the global market come in handy when cutting brass, copper, rubber, foam, PVC, plastic, aluminum, ACM, Acrylic, and wood, among many more materials. These are needed in the vast architectural work, woodworks, plastic fabrication, and many more. The cnc router guarantees that the product will be 70% faster, increase profits, reduce labor costs, and save time. The CNC routers are worth every penny!

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