Deciding on the Type of Lead Generation that Suits your Business in Singapore

Small business owners in Singapore are searching for the most effective ways to find new business leads. Lead generation Singapore can be inbound or outbound; however, how you pick the kind of lead generation to concentrate on? Below are some ideas for how your organisation can decide the kind of lead generation that suits you:

Consider the Type of Customers you are Targeting

Social media marketing gets lots of hype; however, many customers still don’t have a presence on social media channels like Twitter. In fact, some who use social media don’t use it for buying products or services. Thus, before making a comprehensive social media strategy, ask yourself first if your decision-makers are there.

Think about How You Want to Allocate your Marketing Budget

With conventional outbound lead generation, you need to pay each time you market your business. This is true whether you are purchasing a mailing list to send direct mail or buying an ad or pay-per-click ad campaign. This kind of advertising is paid media. With inbound lead generation, you also need to invest money and time setting up your website, creating content, and building an audience on social media. However, inbound lead generation allows you to have a lasting platform for generating audience attention and getting more sales and leads over time.

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