Ask These 5 Questions for Hiring an Online Marketing Agency

Online marketing is a complicated mix of many things. Search engine marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, retargeting, lead generation, reputation management, content marketing – These are just some of the basic components of a comprehensive marketing plan. However, the approach to marketing may vary considerably for each brand. That’s the precise reason why you need the right agency for your online marketing needs. In this post, we are sharing questions that must be asked before hiring a service.

  1. “What services do you offer?”

This is the most basic question that you can ask. A full-service marketing agency that can handle everything from PPC to SEO and social media marketing is your best bet, because these are pretty codependent on one another. If the same agency can also handle graphic design and website design, that’s even better.

  1. “Who are your regular clients?”

If an online marketing agency claims to be the best in business, they must have enough clients. Make sure that you check their regular clientele and get a few references. Another good way of reviewing a company’s work is by checking for independent reviews and comments on Google. Check if they negative feedback, and what are the specific areas of concern.

  1. “Who will handle our work?”

That’s another valid question to ask. Talk to the agency to know who would handle your project, and there should be at least one direct source of contact. If you are in the same city as the agency, consider meeting the core marketing team once, so as to build a personal relationship.

  1. “How much do you charge?”

This is largely dependent on your online marketing plan. For instance, you wouldn’t spend as much on just SEO and PPC, as much you would spend on email marketing and lead generation. However, get an estimate in advance, and this is typically the monthly price that you will pay for the marketing work.

  1. “Do you offer regular updates?”

Finally, make sure that you get updates from the online marketing agency. Ask them who is doing the content, if they are making any major changes to the website, and how frequently you are likely to get marketing reports from them. While you don’t need to micro-manage things, it is still wise and important to stay involved.

Check online now to find more on agencies that specialize in SEO and other aspects of online marketing, and ask them to offer a quote with a comprehensive plan.

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