5 Tips to Find the Right Tax Preparer in Brunswick

Tax preparation gets quite complicated when you try to handle everything yourself. With the help of Brunswick, OH tax preparation expert, you can get things done easily. But how to find the right tax preparer? Follow the tips below:

  • Enquire for a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN)  

The IRS needs a person who prepares and helps in preparing compensation federal tax returns or PTIN. Volunteer tax preparers don’t require PTINs. Ensure your income tax preparer shows the PTIN number on the return, which the IRS also requires. 

  • Look for a CPA, License, or Enrolled Agent Designation

PTIN is a primary requirement that’s quite easy to get. So, you should look for a credentialed preparer who is a CPA, licensed attorney, or EA. You can also work with a tax professional who has finished the IRS’ Annual Filing Season program. The Accredited Business Accountant/Advisor and Accredited Tax Preparer are programs that help tax preparers meet the Annual Filing Season Program requirements. 

  • Compare Tax Preparation Fees

Tax preparers tend to charge minimum feed with cost depending on the complexity of the return. They even charge a set fee for every form and required schedule in return. If you meet a tax preparer who charges fees depending on your refund size or who claims to give you a refund more than other people, don’t hire them. 

  • Avoid Tax Preparers Who Don’t Offer E-Files 

The IRS demands a paid tax preparer who does over 11 returns to electronically file through the IRS e-file system. A tax preparer not offering an e-file indicates the person isn’t doing the required level of tax preparation. 

  • Confirm if the Tax Preparer Would Support You 

CPAs, attorneys, and enrolled agents can represent you to the IRS on payments, audits, and collection issues. Tax preparers who only have PTINs can’t do that, even if they prepared your returns. Preparers who finished the Annual Filing Season Program can represent you only in restricted situations.

The Bottomline

You can also find the right tax preparer in Brunswick by following the tips above. Even after the tax filing season is over and the tax return becomes history, the genuine tax preparer will accept your phone call, reply to your email, and invite you for a visit. So, ensure you never compromise on any quality when hiring a tax preparer.