304 stainless steel plate price

304 stainless steel plate is one of the most used stainless steel plates in various applications worldwide. The prices are very convenient to the buyers. It one of the least priced of stainless steel plates as well. The material is made up of carbon steel with a mixture of chromium and nickel. The chromium and nickel content differs according to the grading of the steel. There are different grades, and the grades differ in price as well. There are two major version of the 304 stainless steel plate depending on the carbon content. The low carbon content 304L version is a little costlier than the high carbon version 304H. The difference in carbon composition constitute to the high temperature strength in the 304H and the less chromium carbide precipitation in 304L.

The material is made through solution heat treatments and is annealed. The production of plates is mostly through hot rolling. So the plates are stronger and could be welded to join with each other. The plates are produced in larger sheets and then cut to size with customer requirements. The prices also depend on the cut sizes and need for machining. Where the plates have to be visible and provide a look, they are machined and polished. The stainless steel 304 sheet is mainly preferred for its strength. It could be used in the industries for stronger paneling of platforms, lining of containers and in small kitchenware as well. The stainless steel plate price therefore deviates with the grades, needs and customizations.

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